Snow Day Catching Up!

All visions of finishing the work I had planned went out the window. But luckily for me, my husband agreed to work from home for an hour while I went and grabbed the files I was working on for the blog. Love you Honey!

Happy Spring!

I am thrilled that Spring is officially here. It has been feeling like Spring on and off for weeks now, but we can officially celebrate now. Yes, I know it may still snow. This is Northeast Ohio.

Brian Greene Convocation

One of the coolest thing about living in a place like Oberlin is taking advantage of the amazing talent the College brings to town. Last night we got to listen to Brian Greene give a talk about Physics and String Theory, for free.

Walk in the Woods

Sometimes I just need to get out and take a walk with my camera. It helps me to refocus on my eye, my art and my self.

Happy New Year 2009!

I am so thankful for my family and friends in Ohio, Massachusetts and everywhere! But I am truly grateful that we made the leap to Ohio and our new life here. It feels right. I love our home and our community and I am excited to see what comes next for us.

The Big Move is Here!

Well, it is finally here. I am shoving off. Our house is sold, our things are in storage. B is already in Ohio at his new job and I am taking off on a road trip with the boys.
I had to try to pack everything we would need for 7 weeks of living without our stored items. Not so easy to come up with this list. I also had to have room in the car for my computer, monitor, hard drives, cameras, and US of course.

Fastachi Product Photos

If you live in the Boston area, you HAVE to stop into their shop in Watertown. You walk in and are hit by these incredible smells of roasted nuts and chocolate. OMG!

Emerson Graduates from Preschool

My big guy graduated from preschool today. He started at Learn and Play Preschool when he was 2 years old, going 2 mornings a week. It was just the break we both needed. He always had a blast there and the teachers are amazing. They somehow managed to teach my son all his letters and the sounds they make without him ever “wanting” to sit and learn these things. Usually he would build with blocks, building his inventions. But the teachers really make learning fun and they encorporate learning into all kinds of activities. So he was learning without actually realizing it. Amazing.

Davis Farmland

So today’s “fill in the blank” was going to Davis Farm Land in Sterling, MA. This place is awesome. They have animals and fun activities including a big water park. The kids always have a blast here.