Fastachi Product Photos

Susan and Souren own the most amazing nut and specialty food company around. They hired me last year to take some product shots of some of their gift items. This year, they had some more work for me because they had won some major awards in the specialty foods industry.
If you live in the Boston area, you HAVE to stop into their shop in Watertown. You walk in and are hit by these incredible smells of roasted nuts and chocolate. OMG! And I have been in the back of this facility; it is SO clean, you wouldn’t believe it. Susan and Souren have exacting standards on everything about their business from the cleaning of the bathrooms to the quality of their ingredients. And it shows. Everything is delicious.
My favorite part of doing product shots for them is I always get to keep the samples. YUMMY!
Check them out in person at 598 Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown.
OR on the web

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