The Big Move is Here!

Well, it is finally here. I am shoving off. Our house is sold, our things are in storage. B is already in Ohio at his new job and I am taking off on a road trip with the boys.
I had to try to pack everything we would need for 7 weeks of living without our stored items. Not so easy to come up with this list. I also had to have room in the car for my computer, monitor, hard drives, cameras, and US of course.
You should see my car!
I cannot drive the 12 hours from Massachusetts to Ohio with the boys by myself and survive, so I decided to break it up. I will have to pack and unpack my car a few times, but it will be worth it.
First Step: Drive from Acton to Philadelphia to visit with Grammy. Unpack the car.
Second Step: Pack what we need for a week-long vacation on Long Beach Island, NJ.
Third Step: Drive with Grammy to LBI and have a wonderful time.
Fourth Step: Drive back to Philly and repack the car.
Fifth Step: Say goodbye to Grammy and drive to OHIO! Unpack the car….
Oh and did I mention that we will be living in a dorm for several weeks while we wait for the closing on our new house. Lots of fun. There shouldn’t be too many students there, but still. WEIRD!
So, wish me luck! I won’t be signing in for awhile. It will probably be September before I Have my computer up and running and I have anything to talk about.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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