Davis Farmland

So today’s “fill in the blank” was going to Davis Farm Land in Sterling, MA. This place is awesome. They have animals and fun activities including a big water park. The kids always have a blast here.

Moving Updates

I have been super busy this past weekend. I took a quick trip to Ohio to look at houses (I didn’t see any that blew me away), but I did love checking out our new town by myself. I even saw a movie by myself (all you new moms know this NEVER happens). Very enjoyable.

Learn and Play Preschool Photos

I had the pleasure of photographing the kids at Learn and Play Preschool in Acton for the third time. This is so much work, but so much fun. And I love being able to offer my images at affordable prices to all the parents in the school. The youngest kids are
definitely the most challenging since they have NO IDEA what we are doing. It is hilarious. Luckily the parents love all the expressions I capture.

Stuart Ferguson's Headshots

I have known Stuart for a few years now and I was thrilled when he asked me to take some new headshots for his web site. Stuart is an amazing singer songwriter. I love getting a chance to work with musicians and other creative people.

Job News!

OH MY GOSH! B got the job! We are still silly with the news. I can’t believe it. Thank you to the committee for seeing B’s potential. I think he is going to do so many incredible things in this position.

Life and Changes

Life has been really crazy around here lately. My husband has found his dream job. There is just one catch, it is a job working for our alma mater, in Ohio. Big changes, big move. The timing is great for our kids because they haven’t started school yet, but it is always scary starting over in life. I can’t imagine leaving all my wonderful clients behind, not to mention our friends.

Adele turns 5!

We had a nice warm Spring day today so we took full advantage and headed outside. I was invited to hang out and take pictures of these gorgeous kids once again. This time, it was in honor of Adele’s 5th birthday. The last time I came over was in honor of her little sister’s 3rd birthday.

Kelly's Maternity Session

Seeing Kelly and her gorgeous belly gave me an idea. I suggested we swap photo sessions since I never get photos taken with ME in them. Well, she happily agreed and I got to meet her wonderful partner Pedro and their beautiful dog Journey.
It was totally my element: natural light, love and fun.

Modern Architecture in Concord, MA

Well, she called me up the other day and asked if I would lend my artistic eye to a beautiful and unique house that she is representing (she is a realtor). I made no promises (since architectural photography, in my opinion, is the most difficult type of photography) but agreed to give it a go. Well, this house is AMAZING and it wasn’t hard to capture its incredible lines and beautiful spaces and artwork.