Adele turns 5!

We had a nice warm Spring day today so we took full advantage and headed outside. I was invited to hang out and take pictures of these gorgeous kids once again. This time, it was in honor of Adele’s 5th birthday. The last time I came over was in honor of her little sister’s 3rd birthday.
It is amazing to see how much their baby brother has changed in just 7 months. He got to really be a part of things today. I love coming back and seeing children grow and develop. It is such a blessing to have any part in a child’s life, and I feel honored to help capture these memories for families.
Happy Birthday Adele!

I love this one. She looks so young and full of curiosity. Children are amazing that way. One moment you look at them and they look SO OLD, then suddenly they are your baby again.

We decided to try an impromptu “formal” sitting. I threw a backdrop over their couch and set the kids up on the floor. The light was so gorgeous in that room. I love these shots, they are too funny and adorable.

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