Courtney & Marcus' E-Session

Courtney and Marcus are ADORABLE together. I first met them around town. Marcus works for the college and his parents own the beautiful jewelry store in town, Herricks! Courtney grew up here and works at Herricks. They came to my studio opening and loved my work. Well, long story short, Marcus proposed and now I am photographing their engagement and their wedding! I can’t wait.

Cary & Lilli's E-Session

Cary or “Dr. Foster” as he is known, works with my husband. He is a super sweet guy who has been dating a woman named Lilli long distance for awhile now. For months, he has been planning on asking her to marry him. My husband and I have been privy to these plans and every time Lilli came to visit, it was SO hard to keep my mouth shut. I had seen her ring before she did! (Good job Cary, btw).

Mary Beth and Dave's e-session

Mary Beth and Dave found me through Mary Beth’s mom who works in Oberlin. We met and really got along and they booked me on the spot. I include engagement session in my packages whenever possible because it is a really fun way for my couples to get to know me and get comfortable in front of my camera. It is also a great way for us to create some really fun and creative photos without the time constraints and pressures of the wedding day.

Jenny & Jack's E-Session

When Jenny heard we were moving to Ohio, she called me up and asked if I would photograph her upcoming wedding. We agreed on a package and I told her I include an engagement session for free because it is a really great way for me to get to know my couples and for them to get used to being photographed by me. I get a chance to see how they photograph, what type of images they respond to, and they get used to relaxing and forgetting I am there. All of this adds up to better wedding images.

Lauren & Todd's E-Session in Newport, RI

Lauren and Todd are getting married later this summer and when we discussed places for their engagement session they immediately asked if I would travel to Newport, RI. I said of course. I had actually never been to Newport, but I had heard endless stories about the beautiful mansions there. This place is gorgeous. There are mansions along the coast line and you can walk right along the edge of the water and enjoy the views in both directions.