Courtney & Marcus' E-Session

More love in the air! Can I just say, I love my job! I am such a romantic and I get to witness and photograph love in various ways for a living! It just reaffirms my own love with my husband, because it takes me back to when we first met, when we fell in love, when we got married and when we had our kids.
Courtney and Marcus are ADORABLE together. I first met them around town. Marcus works for the college and his parents own the beautiful jewelry store in town, Herricks! Courtney grew up here and works at Herricks. They came to my studio opening and loved my work. Well, long story short, Marcus proposed and now I am photographing their engagement and their wedding! I can’t wait.
After some delays caused by rainy days and schedule conflicts we finally had a date with no rain that worked for all of us. Of course, the jewelry had to be featured prominently since it is all from Herricks and that is how they met.
I LOVE this wall. So cool.

They were basically smiling and laughing together for the WHOLE photo shoot. I tried to get some “serious” faces, but it wasn’t happening so I just went with it. They are just too cute.

Where it all started… If you have never been to Herrick’s you have to go.

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2 thoughts on “Courtney & Marcus' E-Session”

  1. Tanya, you are such an artist! We loved our engagement pictures and can hardly wait to see our wedding pictures. Oberlin is truly lucky to have you here.

  2. Thanks Courtney!
    I am working on editing them right now. Hopefully I’ll have them done soon. The two of you are dream clients – so kind, welcoming, and IN LOVE! It was my honor.

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