Cary & Lilli's E-Session

Cary or “Dr. Foster” as he is known, works with my husband. He is a super sweet guy who has been dating a woman named Lilli long distance for awhile now. For months, he has been planning on asking her to marry him. My husband and I have been privy to these plans and every time Lilli came to visit, it was SO hard to keep my mouth shut. I had seen her ring before she did! (Good job Cary, btw).
Well, the big day came and she said yes! I was thrilled when Cary and Lilli asked me to photograph their engagement. Cary and Lilli are wonderful people and I can’t wait to get to know you both better!
We set up our first date and it POURED rain. Here is a shot we took that day, ducking for cover in a doorway.

So, we got a few fun shots in the bookstore, but were largely disappointed. I had been dreaming about Cary and Lilli laying in the grass and hanging around OUTSIDE in general. So we rescheduled. I will do what it takes to get great images, yes!
So, here is take 2! Gorgeous day, lots of fun and a beautiful couple and their adorable dog. What more could one photographer lady want?!?

How amazingly gorgeous is Lilli!!????!!!! Wow.

Goofing around on the swing in Tappan Square.

How cool do they look? I have been wanting to try this spot for awhile now.

We HAD to get some pics with their baby!

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2 thoughts on “Cary & Lilli's E-Session”

  1. Kathleen Schulke

    Great for staying in touch. Congratulations to you and Cary. I loved the pics. Your new job sounds super. Better than starting in 6th grade every other day. Bummer. It doesn’t work. I am helping at the high school (violas). Josh Hartgrove came last year and he’s a band person. He needs all the help he can get. Love you and thanks for your email.

  2. Dear Lilli,
    Delighted to hear the good news about your impending marriage to Cary. I had some advanced notice from your grandmother who is very pleased and sings Cary’s praises. You look so happy and beautiful together. I specially like the photo of you and Cary touching noses. Every best wish!!
    I hope you love being back in Oberlin and that your new job is rewarding and fun.
    Love, Julia

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