Oberlin College and Conservatory Headshots

So I have recently been doing a lot of headshots for Vocal Performance students in the Conservatory and I have started doing theater department headshots as well.
In an attempt to catch up a bit on blogging, here are a couple of my favorites from each of my recent sessions. I am loving getting to know so many Oberlin students and helping them get a good footing on their way into “the real world” outside of Oberlin.
My headshot sessions are very affordable and you get a lot for your money as well. Call or email if you have any questions.
Madeline Schaefer – Soprano

Sydney Mansacola – Soprano

Alex Birnie – Actor

Mary Beth Bulen – Soprano

Stafford Hartman – Soprano

Shannon Rieke – Mezzo-Soprano

Roy Hage – Tenor

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