Aliviah's Newborn Session

I met Aliviah’s grandma in Oberlin before her grandbaby was even born. She was SO excited to become a grandmother and she wanted to capture every moment with photography. She decided to go with one my baby plans so she would get a newborn session and subsequent sessions when the baby is 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1-year. After we are done, Tina will be able to choose her favorite images from each session and they will go in a custom album.
So just 6 days after Aliviah came into the world, I was at her house documenting this incredibly precious baby. When I arrived, she had just woken up from a super long nap, and she stayed awake and alert for the next hour. What an amazing baby. She was so camera aware, she laughed and smiled when her daddy kissed her. I have never experienced anything quite like it and I love the photos we got as a result.
Enjoy! And check back to watch Aliviah grow during this first year of her life.

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