Baby Giovanni turns ONE!

I met Giovanni and his mommy at the New Union Center for the Arts in downtown Oberlin. Her son is in an art class with my son and her daughter was dressed up in the most adorable outfit for her dance class.
All the children in this family are gorgeous, but baby Giovanni has the most captivating eyes and the sweetest disposition. I couldn’t help going gaga over him and talking with his wonderful mother.
Someone in the hallway mentioned my studio opening and I told Giovanni’s mommy what I do and she was thrilled to meet me. It turns out that Giovanni had just turned ONE the day before and she really wanted to have photos taken to commemorate and give out for his birthday party.
They were able to come into the studio a couple of days later and we did a quick session and viewed the photos so his mommy could choose an image and I could get it printed ASAP.
It was really hard for me to stop photographing this adorable boy. Thanks for a great time and I hope you cherish these images always. I am looking forward to photographing the whole beautiful family this summer!
We started out with Giovanni in a sweet blue, white and green outfit with cute stripes. I think it really highlights those eyes!!!

Then we switched things up to really show off his adorable baby legs. I love a diaper cover. Those lovely squishy legs don’t last forever. You have to remember them with a photo.
His mommy kept asking him, “How old are you?” This was his reponse. “I’m ONE!!!!!!” Isn’t this just the cutest?!?

Check out his teeth coming in!

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