Hannah J.'s Senior Session

Hannah’s mom contacted me about photographing her daughter’s senior session. They had been looking for a photographer who would create something different and fun and truly capture their daughter’s spirit and hadn’t found anyone until they heard about me.
I was happy to create images of Hannah. She is fun and free-spirited and has a great sense of style. She wanted something classic, but was willing to play around with some of my ideas. I think we hit it out of the park. The images I got in my studio (which was my first official session in my new space, btw) are gorgeous and remind me of Brigette Bardot on the one hand, and Doris Day on the other. Just classy and gorgeous.
Then we went around to some “urban” locations around Oberlin and finally to Tappan Square.
Check her out…

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3 thoughts on “Hannah J.'s Senior Session”

  1. Wow, Tanya, these are absolutely fantastic. The second and third images are stunning!

  2. Thanks Lillie! I love those ones too. Hannah is a stunning girl with such a great look, it was so much fun creating these images.

  3. I love that you can sense the connection you had with Hannah as you were photographing her! You really captured the essence of these moments, and of her youth and spirit. Thanks for sharing these.

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