Mary Beth and Dave's Rose Cafe in Lorain Wedding

So, Mary Beth and Dave were married on October 24, 2009 and their wedding was probably the funnest wedding I have ever photographed! I should have known way back in June during their e-session, that their wedding would be awesome because they are just the most laid back, up-for-anything couple. Anyone who knows them will agree – they just have energy and fun pouring out of them!

Another photo on asked me if they could use a photo from Jess & Ragan’s wedding in their feature on “Must-have Iconic Shots”.
The photo they used features Jessica walking down the aisle with her father, but from her perspectiv

Courtney & Marcus' Oberlin Reservoir Wedding!

I was super excited for this day to come. Courtney and Marcus booked me to photograph their engagement session, wedding and reception. Their engagement session can be viewed here. They had decided to have a super small wedding (location not determined until a couple of days prior) with just immediate family members present. Their reception will be held on a separate date and will be more of a party with many friends and family members present.

Jenny & Jack's Wedding – Part Two

As I wrote in Part One, Jenny and Jack had a lovely brunch and reception at the Hilton in Beachwood, Ohio. After the brunch, we went to the school where they work to take their bridal portraits on the gorgeous campus grounds. Then we returned to the hotel to rest for a minute, change and head back to the school for a casual afternoon cookout. Here are the rest of the photos from the ceremony, brunch, bridal portraits and cookout!

Jenny & Jack's Wedding – Part One

Jenny and Jack were married on Sunday July 19th at the Hilton in Beachwood, Ohio. The day started bright and EARLY! Jenny was getting her hair done starting at 6:45 am, so I arrived around 7:30 to get started with the getting ready photos. Well poor Jenny had been holding it together, but when she saw me she allowed her inner panic to come out – Her hairdresser had not shown up! She was freaking out, and rightfully so.

Alex and Sandhya's Love-session

Alex approached me with an idea for a surprise anniversary present – a love session with ME! I was thrilled and we set about planning. He took his wife out to breakfast with the request that they dress up a bit, then after breakfast, we met at my studio and SURPRISE!
You don’t have to be engaged or just married to take romantic photos! Book a lovesession today!

Allison & Mario's Wellington Reservation Wedding

Ali and Mario are a wonderful couple. Just ready to get out in the world and make it their own. They put together a warm and wonderful wedding with the help of all their family and friends. There is something so wonderful about handmade weddings. It was a great day at the Wellington Reservoir, sunny and gorgeous, but with a crazy wind.

Drew & Maureen's Day-After Session

What I love about day-after sesions is how much more relaxed and creative I can get with my clients. There is no pressure to get back to the wedding, or feeling like anyone is missing out on something, or worrying about the vows (if we are doing a before the wedding session). Here the couple just got to revel in the glow that comes from getting married. And Maureen’s hair looked so sexy too!