Anna's Oberlin High Senior Session

Anna is a wonderful grad. Not only is she undeniably beautiful, but she is super sweet and down-to-earth. I think she looks like Charlize Theron and used to be a ballet dancer too

Jessica's Oberlin High Senior Session

Jessica’s family approached me to create senior portraits that reflected her personality and style. We did some photos in the studio as well as around town. The only prop she brought in was the controller to her Xbox. Loved it!

Emma's Oberlin High Senior Session

Emma is a really cool young woman. She has a real elegance and grace to her and a real ease as well. She wasn’t crazy about having her portrait done, but she was game for anything I wanted to try.

Meryl's Acton-Boxboro High Senior Session

Meryl is a senior in Massachusetts. She was our babysitter a few years ago when we were living there. Her mom contacted me and asked if there was any way I could fly back to Boston and photograph Meryl’s Senior Portrait

Erin M's Oberlin High Senior Session

Erin is a senior at Oberlin High School. She is also literally the tiniest girl I think I have ever seen. She came out for her senior session during a frigid late January day and braved the elements to get some cool shots at the Apollo Theater (where she works). The manager was even so kind as to put her name and class year on the marque. So cool.

Sara's Wellington High Senior Session

Sara came in with a bunch of outfits including her AMAZING prom dress. Right away I started having visions of her wearing this gorgeous dress in a field and at some of my other favorite locations.

LeAundra's Oberlin High Senior Session

LeAundra and her family approached me to do her Senior Session. They chose me because my images are creative and beautiful, and I was flexible with my pricing. They really appreciated that they could get what they wanted and not what they had to get.

Karen's Oberlin High Senior Session

Karen is a super sweet, bubbly girl. The hardest thing we did all day was to take photos WITHOUT her smiling. She has an infectious smile and was very easy going about locations. She brought her best friend Dyani along for the photo session – for moral support, as well as a few best friends photos.