Kids + Families

Gisolfi-McCready Family 2009

Anyone who has ever been to my studio has seen this family on my walls and in albums. I have been photographing them for YEARS! And they are also dear friends so they let me play around when I have ideas.

Aaron's Bar Mitzvah

I was contacted by Aaron’s mom Ruby to capture the memories of this beautiful day in her family’s life. She asked me to photograph this event because she loved “the art” I captured – her words! I was so flattered.

Published in the Vancouver Sun!

I had my first foray into the world of photojournalism (actual newspaper, not wedding-style) thanks to Sadhu Johnston and Manda Gillespie. They are both Oberlin grads who are making waves in the world due to their commitment and creativity with environmentalism.

Welcome Aarohi

Our good friends have just adopted a beautiful little girl named Aarohi which means ascending musical scale. I offered them a sitting as a welcoming present. It is such a miracle to witness a new family being created. Aarohi has a wonderful and hilarious personality and her parents are quickly getting the hang of the parenting thing – they are total naturals.

Alex, Deborah & Isabel

Our good friends Alex and Deborah asked if they could stay with us for a few days while
they were visiting family in Ohio. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to see them
and to finally meet their precious, adorable baby girl!

OECC School Photos

OECC, or the Oberlin Early Childhood Center is an amazing facility that provides excellent childcare to working families in the Oberlin area. The Director, Jennifer Harris along with the incredible staff and teachers nurture children and really help families. They have a variety of grants that make it possible for everyone to be able to afford excellent childcare.

Kim's Boys

Her boys are as cute as ever and we really got to playing while I took their portraits. Kim loves the real and creative portraits, which is my specialty.