The Waggle Family – A Linwood Park Beach Family Portrait Session

The Waggle Family gets together at the lovely Linwood Park community in Vermilion during the summer! It is a gorgeous area with lovely beach cottages, a park and a beach. With a great, old-fashioned community feeling. We had the grandparents, children and grandchildren all together for a total of 17 people! For this type of session, we do the whole group and any combination of people including the grandparents together, the grandparents with the grandchildren, each individual family and all the cousins together. It is a really great way to document the family at this stage and each family has a chance to get nice photos as well. This type of session takes a little more time and costs a little more because I charge extra for groups larger than 5, but it is well worth it – especially as a special anniversary present for the grandparents.

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