PJ + Lindsay – A Boston Waterfront Wedding

I met PJ many years ago in Oberlin. He went to school here and was serving the College after his graduation. Life and love don’t always go as planned. I won’t go into all the details, but things went sour for PJ here in Ohio and he made the brave choice to move to Boston to start fresh. He was introduced to Lindsay through friends and what a wonderful match they made! PJ is one of the most genuine, kind and friendly people I have ever met. Somehow, he found his exact match in Lindsay. It is uncanny. Their wedding was full of love and joy – just like the two of them. All their friends and family just gushed about each of them separately and together. I am so grateful that they have found each other and I was so honored to have been chosen to travel back to my old stomping grounds to photograph their special day. They are a reminder that sometimes we have to go through difficult times to get to where we really need to be.

PJ and Lindsay got ready at the hotel and then we did a first look down by the water. Afterwards we took some portraits and then everyone went to collect themselves before the ceremony. The ceremony took place in an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Boston Harbor. Afterwards there was a cocktail hour followed by a tented reception. It was a perfect day – beginning to end.

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