Tamika + Ambrose – a Fairchild Chapel and Hotel at Oberlin Wedding

Tamika and Ambrose were set up by friends! Tamika is from the Cleveland area and is a history professor at Oberlin College. Ambrose is from Boston, and his parents are originally from Nigeria. Tamika is a historian who writes about slavery and abolition – this made Oberlin a particularly meaningful location for her – and the perfect setting for their wedding. The weather was extremely hot, but we all survived. The beautiful fans held by the bridesmaids helped during the ceremony. Family was definitely the key word for Tamika and Ambrose! Tamika’s daughter, Nari was honored in every way, including being gifted with a special locket during the ceremony. It was important for her to feel included in the wedding. After family, I would say history was the next most important thing. They were married by the Pastor Courtney Clayton Jenkins of South Euclid United Church of Christ (a church established by abolitionists around the same time as Oberlin). Tamika and Ambrose also included a jumping the broom into their ceremony to remember how African-American slaves commemorated their weddings when they were not permitted legally to marry. The Reception was lively, emotional and colorful. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food provided by the Hotel at Oberlin.

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