Lauren + Israel – An Outdoor Oberlin Wedding on Tappan Square

Lauren and Israel met while students at Oberlin College. Lauren was a vocal performance major and I created some gorgeous headshots for her. So when she and Israel (Izzy) decided they wanted to get married, she called me to book, and I was so flattered.

They decided to have their wedding in Oberlin because Izzy is from Nigeria and Lauren’s family lives in Germany, so it just made sense to to have their wedding at the site where they met and fell in love.

The wedding day was absolutely gorgeous – just a perfect day in Northeast Ohio. Hair and Makeup took longer than expected (which is way more common that you would think or hope for) so I offered Lauren and her family the use of my studio for getting ready. Izzy got ready at Midge and Smith’s house (which is a local home that is very familiar to international students). They host dinners for international students to help them feel welcome and more at home in the United States.

We set up a first look at Finney Chapel followed by some family photos and then the couple walked over to Peter’s Hall to wait until it was time for the ceremony to start. The ceremony took place on the steps of the Clark Band Stand in Tappan Square with lovely flowers and bird cages decorating the space. After the ceremony we took more photos of the couple and then they headed back to Peter’s Hall to begin their reception. It was a lovely wedding.

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