Marriage Equality in Ohio

I am seriously behind on my blogging. I have a very busy schedule and I always put my clients’ needs first, to the detriment of publicizing my business. I hope I can carve out more time to blog, especially about my weddings because I can really make the images shine and show the work of which I am most proud.
Today, however, I want to take a moment to reflect. We moved to Ohio six years ago this month, and I have loved every minute of life here. There was only one thing that made me sad to move to Ohio: same-sex marriage was not legal here.
Same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts ten years ago this past spring, when we were still living there. I had the honor of photographing the marriage of our friend and her partner on the 35th anniversary of their first date! It was a Wednesday, but they didn’t care. They had a simple service in their backyard, followed by a lovely lunch in their beautiful home. All four of their parents (in their 80s and 90s) were in attendance. To this day, it is the wedding I get the most choked up about when I look back on it. (And I cry at a lot of weddings!) I gravitate towards the “hopeless romantic” side of things which is why my husband asked me out in the first place. I guess we are two big saps.
But to me, love is love.
I hope that someday soon, Ohio will take the same steps that Massachusetts and many other states have and offer the same legal protections of state rights to gay and lesbian couples as to heterosexual couples. Religious institutions would still have the choice to discriminate based on freedom of religion rights — but I believe many would follow suit with giving hearts.
So, here is a series from that wedding of our friend, from 10 years ago. 35mm film scanned, so please excuse the graininess. I hope that I get to photograph a legal same-sex wedding in Ohio soon.
Happy 10 year (or 45 year) Anniversary to you Bonnie and Celia!

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