Amelia & Sean's Cuyahoga National Park E-Session

Amelia & Sean are getting married this coming October, but with a ton of big things going on in their lives right now, we decided it was time to take their engagement pics. And what better place then Indigo Lake in Cuyahoga National Park. Not only is this picturesque locale serene and beautiful, but it is where Sean proposed to Amelia. Love it!
To anyone that has never been to Indigo Lake before, it is on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. This was how Sean got Amelia there in the first place. He claimed that they had won tickets to ride on the train. They arrived at Indigo Lake and he had 45 minutes to propose to her before the train would pick them up again. He took her over to a lovely bench overlooking the lake and made her face the lake. He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. How sweet. Sean also had a back-up plan in case someone else was on the bench. He had marked a spot on one of the trails overlooking the lake with a piece of string.
Northeast Ohio has had some crazy weather lately, so we had to work hard to find a time that worked with our busy schedules and the limited amount of times with no rain or thunderstorms. We found an afternoon and after waiting for 20 minutes in our cars for the rain to stop pouring, we had enough time to visit all these spots around Indigo Lake and get some sweet photos of Sean & Amelia.
Check them out… I especially love the one of them dancing by the bench where he proposed. They didn’t know I was taking pictures.

We found a frog and tried to have Amelia kiss it!

Can’t wait for your lovely Fall wedding.

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2 thoughts on “Amelia & Sean's Cuyahoga National Park E-Session”

  1. This was such a wonderful treat.
    Tanya, we owe you one for your flexibility with our schedules and the weather!
    Thanks again!

  2. Tanya Rosen-Jones

    I had a great time! Best of luck with everything this summer and keep me posted!

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