Amy & Greg's Oberlin E-Session

Amy & Greg are getting married this coming July! We got together on October 18th to take their engagement pics.
Amy found out about me because she gets her hair done at Adeva. She contacted me, we met and looked at my wedding albums, and I created a custom package for her wedding photography. For all weddings over 6 hours, I throw in an engagement session for free. I do this for several reasons. 1. It is a fun way for me to get to know the couple. 2. It is a chance for me to take portraits of them in some cool locations during a session with no time constraints. And most importantly 3. The e-session is the BEST way for my couples to learn how to relax in front of the camera, get used to my style, and hopefully learn how to completely ignore (unless I get their attention) so that on their wedding day they stay focused on each other and the moment.
I don’t want them to be walking down the aisle and think, “OH, the photographer, I better smile at her.” I want them to be completely in their moment. That is how I capture the emotions of the day – and that is what I am after.
I also learn important things about my couples during an e-session. For example, Amy and Greg are definitely both SHY. They don’t want to do sexy shots with tons of PDA! And I won’t make them. I always respect my couples, although I reserve the right to push them a little bit in order to get them a fantastic wedding portrait.
We decided to just stay around Oberlin and they brought along their adorable little dog Bella! So we had to get her in some shots. But luckily they brought Amy’s parents who walked Bella around during the rest of our session.
I had a blast getting to know both of you and I can’t wait to be a part of your special day.

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