Drew & Maureen's Day-After Session

November 2, 2008 |

Being that Drew and Maureen were getting married so late in the day, and we all love natural light portraits, I convinced the gorgeous pair to join me for a session on Sunday. They dutifully put their wedding clothes back on and we were off.

What I love about day-after sesions is how much more relaxed and creative I can get with my clients. There is no pressure to get back to the wedding, or feeling like anyone is missing out on something, or worrying about the vows (if we are doing a before the wedding session). Here the couple just got to revel in the glow that comes from getting married. And Maureen's hair looked so sexy too!

We went all over Oberlin to some of our favorite spots and Drew and Maureen humored me with the farm idea. I didn't want to just trespass, but I really wanted some cool shots. Luckily they knew someone with a farm that let us use their fields.

What a great day! Anyone that is up for one of these day-after sessions, I am game! We can work it into your wedding package. Or if you are already married and didn't quite get the photos you wanted, spend some time with me and we'll create images that you will love for a lifetime!