Danielle & Matt's Vintage Elegance Wedding at Common Ground

September 16, 2011 |

Danielle & Matt grew up in Ohio and they met at Ohio State. They are such a lovely couple - and both gorgeous as well. They enjoy the outdoors more than anything, so it was really important to Danielle and Matt that they get married outside. Here's the tricky part of the story, they actually got married in Matt's parents' backyard last year because they just didn't want to wait. Matt was in the military and Danielle wanted to join him as his wife. They had a sweet outdoor ceremony, but Danielle realized there were things she missed out on by having a small backyard ceremony. She wanted a gorgeous dress, she wanted beautiful flowers, but most of all she wanted to exchange heartfelt, personal vows instead of just the traditional ones.

So, Danielle and Matt, along with their families planned just the wedding that she wanted in her heart. They found a gorgeous outdoor location at Common Ground in Oberlin, Ohio and she had a lace gown custom made for her. Her mom scoured yard sales and antique stores for lots of elegant, vintage touches to make the wedding beautiful and memorable.

The wedding day came and it was ridiculously hot, like 96 degrees plus humidity. Everyone was melting, but they soldiered on. The couple exchanged vows with the help of a Reiki officiant. Reiki weddings incorporate energy from the couple along with blessings from the group to further strengthen the bond of marriage. Everyone put their energy or blessing into a bead which the couple can string together or keep in a bowl as a keepsake. Matt & Danielle also exchanged roses in a sweet rose ceremony - and the officiant reminded them to give each other flowers every year to remind themselves of their marriage and commitment to each other and to celebrate beauty in the world.

After the ceremony, we took some family photos and then the bridal party and the bride and groom headed to Riverdog Retreat to take some more photos. What an amazing venue. Thank you again to Terry and Deborah for allowing us the use of their property.

After the photos, we headed to Deluca's in Lorain, Ohio for an outdoor reception. Danielle's mother had so many beautiful touches here. She had a bike with flowers in the basket, assorted tables, desks and armoires covered in tiny pastries and little vintage touches. It was beautiful.

I hope that Danielle and Matt look back on this day fondly. It was so wonderful getting to know you both!

Ceremony Site: Common Ground in Oberlin, Ohio
Photo Site: Riverdog Retreat in Wakeman, Ohio
Reception Venue: DeLuca's Place in the Park in Lorain, Ohio
Hair: Courtney Donovan for Belleza Salon & Spa in Lorain, Ohio
Dress: Custom-Made dress by Alma's Bridal Boutique in Lincoln, California
Bridesmaid Dresses: J.CREW, light amethyst color
Flowers: by Karen Charles for @KC 440.647-2624
Desserts: Handmaid by the Bride's Mother and Grandmother!!!!

Here are some of my favorites from the day (there are a lot because there were so many beautiful details.)