Courtney & Marcus' Oberlin Reservoir Wedding!

September 9, 2009 |

I was super excited for this day to come. Courtney and Marcus booked me to photograph their engagement session, wedding and reception. Their engagement session can be viewed here. They had decided to have a super small wedding (location not determined until a couple of days prior) with just immediate family members present. Their reception will be held on a separate date and will be more of a party with many friends and family members present.

So this is, in essence, part two of my wedding coverage. Stay tuned for part three in a few weeks.

This wedding was a real Main Street Wedding. In Oberlin, our Main Street is small, but strong. We offer a huge variety of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and services and our downtown is very pedestrian and bike friendly. "Main Street" is comprised of Main Street and College Street and you can learn more about what we have to offer in a couple of great locations online and in person.

Main Street Oberlin
Oberlin Chamber of Commerce

As you all know if you have read their engagement entry, Courtney works at Herrick Jewelry on West College, which is owned by Marcus' parents. Herrick Jewelry was also generous enough to lend the couple some incredible jewelry and their wedding rings were purchased there as well. Courtney and Mary Ann had their hair done at Adeva Salon and Spa on West College. The bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere was created by The Carlyle Shop on West College. The wedding cake was made by Noreen Romano, of the former Foxgrape Cafe on West College. The invitation was printed by Debbie Harris at the Copy Shop on Main Street. And of course, the photography is by Tanya Rosen-Jones of The Rosen-Jones Photography Studio on West College Street in Oberlin.

I started my day by meeting Courtney and her mom at Adeva where Marissa was working on their hair and makeup. Courtney had her hair up in curlers and was looking like a gorgeous lady from the fifties. Marissa had opened the salon just for the purpose of doing Courtney and Mary Ann's hair because Adeva is normally closed on Sundays. These are some of the benefits of living in a small town - people help each other out.

Doesn't Courtney look regal already??? She doesn't even have her gorgeous dress on yet.

I love working with small weddings because they are super intimate. Large weddings are fun because you can get lost in them and be on the hunt for amazing moments (like Cartier Bresson), but I am such a people person, I want to be involved, offering a helping hand, lending a shawl, easing people's minds.

After Courtney and her mother were finished with their hair and makeup, we headed over to Courtney's apartment so she could finish up last minute details and put her dress on. Marcus was there getting ready as well, and of course their adorable dog Fleck, had to get in on the action as well. Marcus has impeccable style, just like his father, so it was extra fun watching him get ready. His suit, shirt and shoes were all gorgeous and super modern and of course both Courtney and Marcus had amazing jewelry on.

Fleck waiting for me to throw the toy! :)

Courtney was given this handkerchief as a child. It was originally a baby bonnet with a ribbon and you are supposed to remove the ribbon and use it as a handkerchief for your wedding day. Amazingly, Courtney's mom found it!

Fleck sniffing Courtney's bouquet.

Courtney and Marcus asked the Carlyle Shop to add a sprig of Basil to Courtney's bouquet because the summer they met, there was basil growing everywhere and the smell takes them back. The small colander charm represents a silly fight they got into where Courtney threw their colander on the floor and broke a handle off. Marcus' father carefully removed one handle from the charm colander to keep it accurate!

Heading out in Marcus' super cool car.

The weather was super iffy that weekend. Clouds and storms loomed and it was unseasonably cold. Courtney really wanted to get married at the Reservoir in Oberlin, but we had a backup plan for if the weather didn't cooperate. I had a feeling that everything would work out all right, and it did.

We headed over to the Reservoir, where it was still chilly, but slowly warming up. Courtney and Marcus exchanged vows and rings while their parents, Courtney's grandmother, and Marcus' sister and her family watched. Afterwards everyone celebrated with champagne and cake and a few family photos. Then Courtney and Marcus had a bridal session with me.

The only sad part of the day was that Courtney's sister wasn't there. Courtney had decided that it would be better for her sister to come to the reception, rather than the actual wedding, but she was wondering if she had made the wrong decision and she spoke with her sister on the phone throughout the day. I could tell her sister was sad as well. Courtney's father held up a cell phone through the ceremony so Courtney's sister could listen in and be there in spirit.

As the wedding ended, the clouds lifted and blue skies came out. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. See you at the reception!