Anna & Rafa's Oberlin Wedding

July 29, 2011 |

This wedding was very special to me. I actually babysat Anna when she was a young girl because her father was my college advisor. Her dad was, and is an amazing professor and did what every college advisor should do - advised me like my own father would have done. I always tell any college students that I meet, that they have to take a class with him - to not do so, would be to miss out on an Oberlin College legend.

So, fast forward MANY years, and I have returned to my college town and reconnected with this great man. He stops me on the street one day and tells me the wonderful news that his daughter is getting married and he would be honored to have me photograph the wedding. I was so delighted and really wanted to do the best I could for him and his family.

Anna met Rafael in Colombia, where he is from - which is fitting since her father is a professor of Latin American history and spent important years in South America.

Many members of both families made the trip to Ohio for the wedding, as well as numerous friends. The ceremony took place in the courtyard behind Fairchild Chapel. The ceremony was officiated by Professor Fernandez who had the arduous task of conducting the ceremony in three languages - English, Spanish and Hebrew! How many people can do that? They incorporated many Jewish traditions into the ceremony including the signing of the Ketubah or Jewish marriage contract, the Chuppah as well as the breaking of the glass. Many members of the audience also read blessings for the couple.

After the ceremony, we took family portraits and then returned to the Family's home in Oberlin for a backyard tented reception. There were heartfelt toasts in English and Spanish, delicious food and lots of dancing - including salsa lessons for anyone willing. And did I mention it was hot and sweaty that day! Hopefully you can't tell too much from the photos.

Here are some of my favorite images.

The weather cleared just as the ceremony was about to start...

A detail from their beautiful Ketubah.

The GORGEOUS couple.