Alex and Sandhya's Love-session

May 31, 2009 |

Sandhya first contacted me last year to see if I could photograph her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately I had not moved to Ohio yet so I couldn't help her out. I had actually known her now-husband, Alex, in college, but had not met her yet and was bummed not be there for their special day. I gave her some links to find another wedding photographer and told her I was excited to meet her once we moved.

Well, flash-forward a year and now we are great friends and I can't believe how little time we have actually known each other.

Alex approached me with an idea for a surprise anniversary present - a love session with ME! I was thrilled and we set about planning. He took his wife out to breakfast with the request that they dress up a bit, then after breakfast, we met at my studio and SURPRISE!

We went to some of my favorite spots around Oberlin and got some great images. I think they will make a fabulous album (like one of my deluxe session books) to remember these newlywed days.

Congratulations you two!

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